So You Recognize These Glasses?

These are the glasses I bought at the Dead Pond Antique shop today.  Jon and I stopped in while we were driving around looking for clouds and snow-covered mountains.  The older man who sold them to me said that some kind of cheese used to be sold in them and was a little surprised that I had never seen them before.

They’re small only about 3 1/2″ tall.   I thought they might spark some memories in someone out there reading this.

If they do, I’d love to hear about them.


16 thoughts on “So You Recognize These Glasses?

  1. I certainly had these glasses years ago, as did my grandmother before me. My daughter has the pitcher that matches these glasses. They have a lovely feel to them. Great find!! Enjoy.

    1. They really do have a lovely feel to them Marcia. I wonder how far they go back, I’ll have to look into them more. THanks for your comment.

  2. My mother would buy pineapple cheese spread and others in similar little jars with flowers on them. When done they became juice glasses. Late 1950’s to 1960’s. I loved those little glasses and how they were repurposed.

    1. After seeing your comment and Deb’s, I googled it and found that Kraft made different cheeses in reusable glasses. I didn’t see these exact designs, but I’m sure that’s what these are. Thanks Lois!

  3. Although I don’t remember the design on your glasses I do remember pimento cheese spread being sold in reusable juice size glasses.

  4. These glasses (plus other designs) had a permanent presence at my Grandparents beach house on the Northern Oregon coast. They really were the perfect size for children and with 17 grandchildren they were well used. I’m remembering that some had animals on them and that I always wanted a “blue” glass. That beach house was my favorite in the whole world and it’s long gone now with an expensive weekend home built in it’s place. And yes, we called them cheese glasses! For some reason this weekend I’ve been going down memory lane and it’s been so much fun – down to the feel and smell of the thick, colored, construction paper we used for art in elementary school. Small things certainly are the staff of life!

  5. I was born in 1954 so they indeed were around in the 50/60’s and beyond. If you have never had pimento cheese spread tucked into celery sticks you have missed out!

  6. I remember little glasses like these serving as juice glasses once the cheese spread was gone. I think it was pimento cheese spread and I remember it being very tasty. Probably not good for you by today’s standards and loaded with sodium, but I lived through it since i am now 76 years old! Thanks for this “blast from the past.” P.S. I love the dryer balls that I purchased from you and hope that you will keep making them available in the future. God bless you and Jon for all that you do to make this a better world.

    1. Thanks for your story about the glasses Rosemary. It seems pimento was a popular flavor. And I will keep making dryer ball, I’m so glad you like them!

  7. When my mom ran out of the usual sandwich fillings for my school lunch (folded just so in wax paper in my metal lunch box), she would get out one of these little pimento cheese glasses from the cupboard, pry off the metal lid, and spread the cheese between two slices of white bread. She always cut the sandwich into four triangles. It was a special treat to have these after lots of peanut butter and cheese or bologna and mayonnaise lunches (which I hated!). I still have one of the glasses with a little red Dutch girl and tulips on it in my cupboard. Thanks for the memories!

    1. I can just picture your sandwich cut into triangles Cynthia. And a wonderful description of your mom prying off the cap of the jar. I was picturing what they might look like and how they came off before reading your story. Now I know and it’s such a visceral thing, that cap coming off meant a special sandwich for you. Thank you!

  8. I was just gifted a whole set of these sweet glasses. She said they were originally cheese containers called “swanky swigs” or something like that I recall my grandma had them and as kids she used them for our orange juice

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