Starting Over

One of my  succulent flowers taken with my macro lens

I think I’m sinking into vacation mode.  Next Sunday Jon and I will leave for our five-day vacation at the ocean.

I haven’t been thinking about it a lot, but today, I’ve been feeling the kind of relaxation that usually only comes when I’m away from home.

I stayed calm even when our neighbor knocked at the door early this morning to tell us that one of our sheep (Kim) had her head caught in the mesh fence and they cut the fence and got her out.  (It was very kind of them, they used to have goats so they know things like this happen) After I went out to check on the sheep and saw they were all fine, I was able to get back into bed with Jon without perseverating on how to fix the problem with the fence. (I did close the gate to the pasture).

Jon and I spent a leisurely day, bringing flowers to the Mansion then driving around.  Jon was looking for a good place to take a picture of Vermont’s Green Mountains covered in snow.

We stopped in an antique shop not far from the house, the only business open beside the gas stations.  I got a pink wicker shelf and little glasses with tulips on them.  The owner of the shop, an older man, told me that cheese used to be sold in them, like the jelly jar glasses I grew up with.  I’m drinking some wine out of one of them as I write this.

Maybe this relaxed feeling I have is like coming to a halt.

Sometimes, when I find myself walking really fast, in order to slow down, I literally have to stop.  And I do.  I stop and stand still for a minute or so. Then I begin again.

I don’t celebrate Easter, but it is a holiday of rebirth.

So maybe that’s what I’m doing.  Stopping, to start over again.

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