The Odd Duck Finds True Love

“He found a beautiful girl duck by the edge of the woods with long legs running fast”  Drawing by Sharon

We started illustrating the short story that some of the residents at The Mansion wrote about a year ago.  With all the Covid delays we just got all the drawings done last month.

Since then I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to make it into a book.

Today I turned the text and pictures over to Sara Kelly at Over The Moon Graphics.  She helped me design my business cards and my postcards.  She’s also a wonderful painter who sold her work at the Bedlam Farm Open Houses.

The Story is called The Odd Duck Finds True Love.  There will be seven drawings in the book drawn by seven different people.

I’m planning on making enough copies for everyone who participated in making the book and a few more for their families.

I’m excited to see what Sara comes up with.  I’ll share the process with you as it happens.

One day the grown duckling packed his bags in search of his true love.” Drawing by Claudia

2 thoughts on “The Odd Duck Finds True Love

  1. How fun! The participants at the Mansion will be excited to see their work in print! I’m sure this has been an uplifting, day brightening experience for everyone!

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