The Sheep Want Grass


The sheep and donkeys came running in from the pasture when they saw me with an armload of hay.

But the sheep didn’t stay long.

It’s the older ewes that wander out first.  Suzy, Biddy and Socks.  Then the rest follow, Asher and Issachar to last to go.

Fanny and Lulu stick with the hay, but the sheep would rather have the grass no matter how short it is.

It looks like by the end of the week the grass in the south pasture will be tall enough for the sheep to graze there without endangering its growth.  Sheep tend to pull short grass up by the roots which can ruin a pasture.

If it is, we’ll be able to open the gate and let them graze there for the week we’re on vacation.  I’ll close off the back pasture when we leave.  We never leave the back pasture open when we go away because the fences aren’t as good as in the other pastures.

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