Good Bye Brown Hen


Brown Hen a few weeks ago in the barnyard

This morning, Jon and I decided it was time to euthanized Brown Hen.  She hadn’t come out of the coop in a few days and she stopped eating.   She couldn’t roost, just sat in the roosting box all day.

At night White Hen would sit in the same roosting box with her, but for most of the day she was out with Kitty and Anne pecking around for food as chickens do.

I could see that Brown Hen wasn’t getting better and I was hoping she would die on her own.  But there was no reason for us to let her die slowly, which was obviously what was happening.

We got Brown Hen and White Hen as chicks just after we moved to this farm nine years ago. I will miss seeing her pecking around the farm, hanging out on the back porch and feeding her in the afternoon.

After Jon shot her, I put her body in a clearing in the woods and said good bye.

Brown Hen and White Hen on the back porch

8 thoughts on “Good Bye Brown Hen

  1. I think it was the right thing to do for brown hen. I think you, and Jon too, would not have felt uncomfortable leaving for you away time if you had not made the decision to euthanize her first. I’m sure your critter sitter was relieved. (I say this because almost 15 years ago before retiring to VT I had a pet sitting business and there was one time in particular when one client left me with a cat that was on death’s door.)
    Have a good, relaxing vacation you two.

    1. You are right Marcia. We did not want to leave for out trip with a dying hen for our farm sitter to have to deal with. It’s part of taking responsibility for our animals. And thanks for your good wishes!

  2. Maria
    The choices and decisions one must make with animals…. not easy..yet knowing it is the right thing.
    I too had a pet care businees and more than one experience of being left with sick,dying animal.

    I respect you and Jon for your decision.

    Ps. Oh so do enjoy your short wonderful time away from it all as well

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