Finishing Up

It feels good to have finished designing my Cat Calendar quilt before our vacation.  When we get back I’ll have something to work on to ease me back in.

I’m spending part of the day getting the loose ends tied up before we go.  Doing my paperwork and banking and cleaning up my emails.  I cleaned up my studio too, all the fabric is back on the shelves and the floor swept.

I also finished up some potholders, but I won’t be putting them in my Etsy Shop for sale until we get back from our trip since I won’t be able to mail them out till then.

Fate and my most recent batch of Scrap Bin potholders

The Etsy strike is over,  but the campaign to pressure Etsy not to raise its rates along with the other demands will continue in different forms.

Today I sent out a letter to Etsy asking them to talk directly to the Etsy Strike Team which is representing us artists.

My letter to Etsy


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