Creating A Little Hope Together

Dawnmarie’s Little Hope Potholder

My Little Hope Potholders arrived at their new homes and I received a few photos of them.  So I thought I’d share this little bit of hope with you.

The first photo is from Dawnmarie.  She opened her package with her potholder as she was going out for a walk.  She took the potholder with her and took pictures of it in a few different places.  I couldn’t resist the flowers in this photo.

Elizabeth’s Little Hope Potholder

Elizabeth wrote me that the red rabbit next to her potholder is her totem friend, and grounding.  She said he and the potholder brighten up that corner of her kitchen.  She also send me a photo of one of my potholders that she used all the time until it was worn out to the point where she couldn’t use it anymore.

Now she has a new one to use when baking bread.

Catherine’s Potholders

“Thank you, for creating a lovely reminder of “hope”, for my kitchen.” Catherine wrote me when she sent this picture of a few of my potholders hanging with some dried chili peppers.  I thought the potholders are hanging in a pattern similar to the peppers.

Thank you for your photos and for giving me the opportunity to create my art and send it out into the world.

6 thoughts on “Creating A Little Hope Together

  1. This made me jump with surprise- the potholders I have from you hang in my kitchen and 3 of them are next to a chili ristra just like in Catherine’s kitchen, between kitchen and snuggery room.

  2. Maria
    When I saw my potholder here, this morning, I teared up for some reason. Maybe it was remembering that day and sharing my art which is nature photgraphy, with your art .
    Thank you for being you and sharing your art with the world.

  3. I had commented that I wanted one but don’t know your address for payment through PayPal, when you return would you let me know?

    1. Oh Stephanie, I’m sorry I forgot.Thank you for reminding me I’m going to email you pictures of the two little hope potholders that I have with a link to my Paypal.

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