Vacation Time

The weeks before our vacation Jon would talk about it as if he wasn’t really interested in spending a lot of time away from home.  “We’re really only gone for three days,” he’d say. I can blog on Sunday and then when I get back on Thursday.

But I knew as we got closer to the day we were leaving, he begin to suggest we leave early.  And that’s just what happened.  By Thursday we’d decided to leave on Saturday, driving a couple of hours and staying overnight in a motel on the road.

I have two books packed  The Love Of My Life, a mystery by Rosie Walsh, and Mona Chollet’s In Defense of Witches.  A nonfiction book about explores the legacy of Witch Hunts on women today.

I also have my sketch pad and some blank postcards that my friend Kitty gave me for my Birthday.

But how I plan on spending most of my time is sitting by the ocean with Jon and letting those endless waves and far horizon work its magic on me.

We’ll be back on Thursday, but I don’t plan on getting back to my blog until Friday. Have a good week and see you then!

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