150 Feet Of Turkey Wire Fencing

A bit of sheep’s wool caught on the wire fence

I sat on the ground, the fence in front of me, twisting wire around wire.  I removed most of the mesh fencing I’d put up a couple of years ago.  Some of it was still in good shape, but I liked the idea of replacing it all.

I’d used up 150 feet of turkey wire but still had to secure it to the fence that was already standing. That’s what I was doing when I saw the woodpeckers.

I don’t think they saw me, or if they did, they didn’t care.  It was a pair of them. Small black and white bodies and wings with a touch of red on their heads. They landed on the trunk of the old Hawthorn tree directly in front of me.

They traveled the tree, up and down the trunk then flitting from branch to branch.  Woodpeckers come to my feeder all winter long, but I’d never seen a pair flirting like these two were.

There are hawthorn trees sprouting all along the fence line. Their branches hang down over the fence in places and are covered in long thorns.  Perfect for keeping the sheep away from the fence.  There are lots of saplings too. I’m hoping they’ll grow quickly, filling in the spaces between our pasture and the neighbors.

I think once they’re done, my fences should last a while and when then fail, they’ll be easy to repair.  I also won’t have to worry about the sheep getting their heads caught in them like the mesh fences.

I hope to get them all done this week, or by next weekend anyway.  I’ll be going back to my studio tomorrow for the first time in over a week to finish up my Cat Calendar quilt.  I’m looking forward to working with fabric again instead of wire.

It was a beautiful spring day today and I was happy to be working outside.  But it will be good to get back to my studio and my hand could use the rest.

Looking through the turkey wire fencing at the green grass on our neighbors property.

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