Minnie and The Bulldog Planter

Minnie is a sweetheart.  She’d make friends with all the animals on the farm if they let her.

When we lived at Old Bedlam Farm she was always in the barnyard with the donkeys and sheep.  It wasn’t until one day when she was rubbing her back up against Simon’s leg (Simon was the donkey Jon and I rescued and Jon wrote a book about. He has since died) and Simon picked her up with his teeth.

He got a clump of cat hair in his mouth and Minnie had a bald spot on her back.  After that, she stayed away from the donkeys.

These days she spends most of her time on the back porch cuddling with Flo and hanging around the chickens.  Zinnia likes to lick Minnies ears, which she seems to enjoy,  and Fate likes to stalk her, which she ignores.

Since Jon bought the Bulldog planter I see Minnie sitting next to it a lot.  I’m not sure why, maybe she’s trying to make friends with it.

Whatever the reason, it’s kind of amusing to see.

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