The Fences Are Fixed. Robin and Constance Check Them Out

Jon with Zinnia and Fate visiting me while I worked on the fences.

I got the fences in the back pasture done today.  It feels good to know they’re secure and that we can let the sheep graze there without having to worry about them going onto the neighbor’s property.

I let the sheep and donkeys into the pasture when I was done.  For the first half-hour they were too busy eating the grass that had grown up since they were last there.

But they soon went exploring.

Constance was the first to run to the place in the fence the sheep went through a week ago.  But she backed away after seeing that she could no longer get to the other side.  Then Robin did some exploring as you can see in the video below.  Constance joined him, I guess just making sure she didn’t miss anything.

When I went to the barnyard two hours later to bring the sheep in, they were already back at the barn.  It seems they had their fill of grass.

8 thoughts on “The Fences Are Fixed. Robin and Constance Check Them Out

  1. Escape artists thwarted. You can see the wheels turning in their sheepy heads. My favorite video.

  2. Jon looks great! Healthy delicious food does wonders in all ways! Love the exquisite wild flower photos. You live in a little paradise with such beauty. All the snow and rain pay off in your spring. Those of us in dry areas appreciate seeing this beauty. Thanks Maria.

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