Fanny Mows The Lawn

Fanny eating the grass inside the dog area.

I put Bud and Zinnia in the house and opened the gate between the dog area and the south pasture where the sheep and donkeys were grazing.  Then, using a treat,  I got Fanny to follow me through the gate.

The grass is uneven in the fenced-in area outside my studio.  In some spots, it’s over six inches long, in other places there’s just dirt.

But the tall grass even looked good to me.

I couldn’t get Lulu to come in, but Fanny did a great job of filling her belly and mowing the lawn.  When she had cropped the tall grasses down to a more manageable length, she walked through the gate back into the pasture.

As if she knew just what to do.


Even though there was a fence between them, Fanny and Lulu still stuck together

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