Frieda, My First Studio Dog

Frieda’s collar hangs just to the left of the window in my studio that I look out of when I write on my blog.

It’s become a shrine to her in a way, with the deer bone at the center and the pin of blue flowers that Jon gave me when we were first together pinned to it.  The collar still has some of Frieda’s hair stuck to it.

Frieda was my first studio dog and there, with me, as I changed my life for the better.

Frieda in my studio

8 thoughts on “Frieda, My First Studio Dog

  1. “Firsts” always hold a special place in our hearts. I have my own shrine as well, always there reminding me of uncompromising love. Sweet memories….

  2. Is it Jon who’s always saying that you get the dog you need when you need him/her? I think that’s right. Although with Frieda it clearly worked both ways. You were the one she needed.

    1. Yeah, Jill it was just right for both of us. When I got divorced and was looking for an apartment no one wanted a rottie/shephard mix. The mediator suggested we switch dogs (we had two). I couldn’t imagine….

  3. Good Frieda. Love’s intermediary; teaching John patience in determination, and you trust in possibility. Her background story is so amazing. What a guardian angel she was.

  4. I remember your book about Frieda, it touched my heart. Our lives without pets would be so poor even if we get sad sometimes.

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