“Nourishing Tears” Potholders

One of the Vintage hankies to sew a Nourishing Tears eye onto

I have a box of folded hankies with the words “Hankies w/ Little Embroidery on Edge” written on it. That’s what I looked through when I wanted to choose some Vintage Hankies to sew my Nourishing Tears on.

I pulled 12 from the box to have some to choose from.

I went through them a few times before deciding on the first one to use.  Then I began sewing the eye. I was on the teardrops when my needle broke.  As I unscrewed the broken needle from the machine, it slipped through my fingers and under the needle plate.

I took the plate off and the needle wasn’t there.

looking for the needle in my sewing machine

I was soon to discover just how much my sewing machine was in need of a cleaning.  It was clogged with clumps of dust.  Each time I dusted it with the little cleaning brush more came out.

But no needle.

That’s when I took the machine and turned it upside down.  Then I shook it.  It didn’t happen right away, it was three or four tries before I saw the broken needle fall from the machine onto the floor.

I feel like I got lucky.  I got the needle and gave my sewing machine a cleaning it desperately needed.

I finished sewing the teardrops and then worked on another Nourishing Tears  Potholder.  I also made a Nourishing Tears with a big eye on a little bit of a bigger hankie.  Not a potholder, it has beads on the eyelashes.

I’ll make a few more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on ““Nourishing Tears” Potholders

  1. Oh yes I would love ine if these potholders, art pieces

    Truly an amazing image to have out in world

  2. I would love to buy one of your nourishing tears pot holders, when will they be on sale? My Kitty passed away a week ago and when I saw those tears It reminded me of my tears for him.

    They are truly beautiful!

    1. I’m sorry about your Kitty Christine. I finished a few potholders today. I will send you a photo of the ones I have still available. I’m just waiting to hear from someone else to see which they want. I think I’ll be making a few more too, they are popular. Thanks for asking and I’ll email you a picture soon.

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