Napping Donkeys

It’s unusual for Fanny and Lulu to both nap at the same time. One of them normally will be standing guard while the other sleeps.  But this morning I guess they were feeling safe enough to lay down together in the warm sun.

9 thoughts on “Napping Donkeys

  1. Interesting. Notice how they are back to back facing in different directions. The deer herd in our area will bed down together but each one will face in a different direction. Like circling the wagons?

  2. I’m not trying to make more work for you. Honest! Just thinking of some (maybe) low energy additional income streams. You have taken some amazingly beautiful photographs and I can see ( in my mind’s eye) a whole series of maybe sets of 4 to 5 photo cards each for the donkeys, sheep, dogs, snails, Orphan Woods, etc. I’d buy them! Just a thought…

    1. I always want to go and sit next to them when they’re lying down Barb. A few times I have with Fanny (Lulu is too vigilant for that) and she didn’t get up.

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