Spring Cleaning, Windows and Gardens

The screen on the window I cleaned today.  Looking through a bubble in the old glass visually puckers the screen.

I really wanted to work in my garden this morning, but when I opened the dining room window for the first time since closing it last fall, I was struck by just how dirty it was.  A thick milky spider web loaded with dead bugs stretched across one pane of glass between the Victorian era window and the aluminum storm window.

Yesterday I washed the curtains (made from a red and white scarf that someone had given me) and I couldn’t get myself to hang them on the dirty windows.

So I got out the Windex, a rag, and newspaper and started cleaning.  I took the storm windows out then got the ladder and unscrewed the screens from the outside of the house so I could hose them down and clean the outside of the house windows.

When I got done I cleaned the woodstove (fingers crossed we won’t use it again till the fall), which is between the two windows,  inside and out and dusted everything around it.  I even took my crocheted chair outside and hosed it down. (I have no idea how else to clean a crocheted chair.)

If I clean two window every weekend, I’ll have them all done by the beginning of July.  I just don’t have the will to clean them all in one day.

The back porch garden.  You can see my Crocheted Chair drying upside-down on the table.

By 1pm I was in the garden pulling weeds and putting in seeds.  As I finished up Flo came over to one of the areas of freshly turned soil covering Zinnia seeds and peed on it.

I knew I’d have to cat and chicken proof these sensitive areas, but I didn’t expect Flo to claim her territory in front of me.  Usually the cats are more private about doing their business.

I had the little metal fences ready to go up, but they don’t work without the thorny brambles.  So I got my clippers and scoured the fence line for sticker bushes, then laid them over the bare earth.

In the past they have worked to keep the cats and chickens out of the garden.  I also leave a small patch of dirt so the cats still have a place to do their business.

I think it’s a good compromise but I’m not sure how Flo feels.  I guess I’ll find out.

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