Making Sense Out Of Scraps

These are the puzzle pieces and it’s just a matter of figuring out where they go.

I do one side at a time, then move the pieces around until it looks right.

Fitting the pieces together feels like success. I’m making sense of chaos. And making each of these scraps an important part of something bigger.

It’s only fabric, but it still feels good to do.  And I can bring some beauty into the world at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Making Sense Out Of Scraps

  1. This is so beautiful. Bringing order out of chaos and creating beauty is as necessary to the world as breathing. Thank you for this loveliness.

  2. You bring beauty into the world all the time. I love seeing your fabric designs, your porch garden, your windowsill galleries and all the rest. They all make me smile.

  3. Yes if sense alk of that is true and for me, yes ut brings beauty and love into world.
    I see what you do as love in action

  4. I love this scrappy, log cabin-ish quilt. It’s full of treasures in the form of little hits of color, but it is all coming together into a beautiful whole.

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