More of My Scrap Quilt

I continued to work on my scrap quilt today.  I’m a bit obsessed with it, much the same way I get with jigsaw puzzles.  It’s having the same effect on my brain.  It’s just too much fun figuring out.

That’s why I’m blogging at 10:30 pm.  I went back to my studio after dinner to do “just a little more”. I do love this time of year when I can go back to my studio after dinner and it’s warm and still light out.

I laid out, but haven’t yet sewed a thin line of red to go around it next. Now, I’m going to bed.


4 thoughts on “More of My Scrap Quilt

  1. See Maria, I realize this morning that it all doesn’t have to be precise mathematically for me. But my sense of balance does require square edges and straight lines. Now why I am wondering. But love this I do and your colors are a happy lot. I am smiling to myself and saying way to go! Thank you for a good morning! Veronica

    1. It’s an interesting thing Veronica. I’m often drawn to the edges of things, where two picecs come together. But as for balance, I guess I think of it as always moving and shifting but leveling out in the end.

  2. That is interesting Maria, moving and shifting and balancing in the end. Never thought of it that way. Might be the direction to go from my needing square edges. Will look at your quilts that way, and wait for balance. Still love the colors and feeling of this one. Really neat. Thank you for the input. veronica

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