Time To Stack The Fire Wood


What was left of the last year’s firewood stacked outside the woodshed

I was in my studio when the wind picked up and the rain we had been hearing about all day finally came.  Jon called me from inside the house to let me know the storm was close. I turned off my computer,  unplugged my sewing machine, and met Jon on the front porch.

That’s where we go to watch the summer storms. Jon tracks the rain and lightning strikes on his iPhone.  I take the time to relax into the sound of falling rain, and wait for the lightning, hoping the thunder doesn’t get too loud.  I like it at a rumbling distance.

This first storm of the season reminded me that it would soon be time to get our firewood for next winter.  All I did was mention it and Jon was on the phone. I tend to procrastinate about making phone calls but Jon never hesitates to make a call.

We’ll get our first load of wood on Thursday.  There was just under a cord left from last winter stacked outside the woodshed.   So this afternoon I moved it into the shed.  It will be the first wood we use in the fall, and well seasoned.

There are always lots of insects living in the woodpile.  Today I came across a few spiders, a yellowjacket, and big black beetle. I also found this insect wing. It was about 1 1/4″ long and I’d guess it belonged to a dragonfly.

I found a few snakeskins too. And when I picked up the palettes the wood rests on to keep it dry and off the ground, I disturbed the resting place of this garter snake.

I love the perfect “s” the end of her tail makes and how the rest of her body mimics a meandering river.

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