Back At The Mansion

Fanny grazing by the pond and Lulu under the pine tree in the back pasture

Jon and I stopped into The Mansion for the first time in a while today.  They were closed to visitors when the covid numbers got high again.

It was a good day to visit because they were planting the vegetable garden.  Claudia and Peg were there and I got to meet Barbara, someone new, to me at least.  We pulled some weeds together and got to know each other.

I’m still working on getting the book we made printed.  There have been some problems along the way.  The printer I usually use couldn’t do it so I’m taking it to Staples to see if they can.

I hope to get back to teach another art class soon.

Now I have to get the sheep and donkeys in from the back pasture(they get to graze for two hours twice a day)  and then I’m off to my Bellydancing class.

4 thoughts on “Back At The Mansion

  1. Such a calming photo. This would make another beautiful card. I could see a pack of 4 different images from Bedlam Farm.

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