Scrap Quilt Continued….

I told myself I’d just sew the red stripe around my quilt then I’d make the Nourishing Tears Potholders that I have orders for.

But one thing led to another and I spent the morning trying to figure out what to do next.  After sewing on the gray print around the red, I worked on a pink piece that I thought would go along the bottom.

But when I got it done, it wasn’t right.

It was as if I was just trying to use up the rest of the fabric scraps.  What I sewed together detracted from what I had already done, it didn’t add to it.

I do have another idea about what I’ll do next.

I’m thinking of solid or mostly solid colors to go around what I’ve already done, in blues, blacks and purples.  So I’ll work on the potholders tomorrow giving the quilt and my new thoughts about it some space to breathe.

Then I get back to the quilt on Friday, perhaps with a completely different idea in mind, or none at all.

2 thoughts on “Scrap Quilt Continued….

  1. I am so enjoying watching this quilt evolve! The colors are magical with areas of excitement complimented with layers of calm! I can’t wait to see what Friday brings!

    1. Thanks Josie. It’s pretty wonderful that I can post the progress here and it can be watched by people like you who appreciate and “get” it.

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