Cleaning The Bathroom Window

So far, even if it is only my second week,  I’m keeping up with my goal of cleaning two windows each weekend.

Yesterday it was the Kitchen and Bathroom windows.  And while I was washing the bathroom window I saw my reflection in our original 1956 bathroom mirror.

It wasn’t until I got my iPhone to take a picture, that I saw the other reflections too. Once again, the inside was out and the outside in.

When the window was clean and wide open and the curtain in the wash, I saw a view from our bathroom that I had never seen before. Makes me wish we could go curtainless.

But the window is too big and the bathroom too small.

View from the bathroom window

2 thoughts on “Cleaning The Bathroom Window

  1. I love this view; it is very soothing for me. I miss NY and CT.. We do have beautiful areas here in Tenn, but we don’t get out that much any more since we moved here.

    1. I sometimes think about the rides you’d take with your husband when you’d stop at the farm to drop off some fabric Uta. It always seemed such a nice thing to do. I hope you get to do some of that where you are now.

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