Making The Back For My Scrap Quilt

You can see the fabric for the back of my quilt hanging on the line behind Zinnia who is behind the gate. That’s Lulu grazing.

I was determined to at least get the backing for my quilt sewn together today. Tomorrow we’re going to Bishop Maginn and I know I won’t have a lot of time, if any, to work on it.

I found the perfect piece of fabric for the back in a box of fabric that Sharon sent me.  It was about ten inches shy of being just the right size.  So I found another strip of fabric in my stash that spoke to both the front and back of the quilt and sewed it on the bottom.

Then I threw the whole piece in the wash and hung it on the line to dry.  It was a great day for drying, sunny, cool, and windy.

While it dried, I let the sheep and donkeys out to graze, fed the cats and dogs, and went for a walk with Fate and Zinnia.

When we got back the backing was dry and I was able to sew it and the batting together with the front of the quilt before dinner.

I hope to have the quilt done by Wednesday.

My quilt, ready to be tacked

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