Day To Day

We canceled our trip to Bishop Maginn today.  It’s a confusing time for them since the year is coming to an end and school is closing for good.

We’ll go back on June 10th when they’re setting up for the Prom.  Then we’ll be there the next day for the prom. They’ve asked Zinnia to lead the Red Carpet Walk.  We were going to bring the box of jewelry that Helen sent for the girls to wear with their new dresses, but I put it in the mail to Sue instead.

Now I’ll get to work on my quilt and will have time on Thursday to do an art class at The Mansion.

I like to spread my volunteer work out not doing more than once a week so it doesn’t take away from my work. Since Covid, I’ve become more spontaneous. I think that’s one of the good things to come from it.  Change doesn’t rattle me as much and my plan-making is more fluid. I have less expectations and live more day to day.

Living around animals should have taught me that a long time ago.  They seem to know how to live in the moment.  Perhaps being around them and aware of their perception of time helped me grasp this lesson from Covid quicker than I might have.

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