My Scrap Quilt, “Who I Are”


Tacking “Who I Are”

My studio door is open and the dogs come and go.  Mostly Fate keeps me company inside and Zinnia and Bud spend their time outside.

I’m halfway done tacking my latest quilt.

I’m calling the quilt “Who I Are.” The words come from poet Veronica Hallissey.  In an email, she wrote to me regarding this quilt and her own sense of balance when it comes to quilting. She also wrote…

It has taken, as I tell my sons, almost a hundred years? For me to realize who I ARE?   And I really say that. . . ARE!   Everyone is much more than they appear.”

This quilt, made of so many scraps that come together to present as a whole, yet like an acre of land is so much more that the surface measurement.

When Veronica speaks of using the word “Are” I believe she’s in some part referring to the lifetimes that go into making the one she is living now.  Although all that goes into even one lifetime seems enough to use the word Are. 

Veronica Hallissey has two poetry books and a blog,From An Upper Floor,  that she writes on faithfully. Click here to see Veronica’s blog and books.

4 thoughts on “My Scrap Quilt, “Who I Are”

  1. Is this the Veronica of “I bring into sweet focus a world my heart requires”? I put that one on my refrigerator door so I see it every day. Next to “She decided to declare victory and move on.”

  2. Thanks so much Maria for sharing Veronica’s poetry. I will continue to read it, which is very helpful at this time. I signed up for her blog. Amazing,

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