Potholders Turned Quilt?

Moving the Potholders I made today around like puzzle pieces.

I couldn’t stop making them.  Each started out with a  small black piece of fabric.  The small designs surrounded by a solid color and each with a line or two extending beyond the design.

I had them laid out on my floor in a grid as I always do with my potholders.

It was 7 o’clock and we still hadn’t thought about dinner.  That was the only thing that got me to stop working.  I finished up the last potholder and put it on the floor next to the others.

But when I looked at them, I could see that they created an interesting design altogether.

So started moving them around like puzzle pieces, making different combinations.   I liked the idea of those thin lines connecting them to each other somehow.

So now I’m thinking that these potholders may not really be potholders at all.  That they may actually be the beginning of a new quilt.

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