Air, Land, Sea And A Little Hope

My Air, Sea, Land Potholders.

I was yelling unspeakable things at my sewing machine when Jon called.

He had just arrived at The Mansion with his car stuffed with two raised bed planters and tomato cages.  I was going to meet him there to help him take the planters out of her car.

I’ll admit I was a bit abrupt with Jon on the phone.  But it turned out he called at just the right time.  The third needle had just broken on my sewing machine,  and what I really needed to be doing was taking a break not yelling at my sewing machine.

After helping Jon I fed the animals then got back to my studio. I replaced the sewing needle and even the self-treader, which works sporadically, treaded the needle.   I finished sewing the word “hope” on the two Little Hope Potholders that I left unfinished when Jon called.

Before I finished those potholders, I made the Air, Sea, Land Potholders in the photo above.

I’ve had that fabric with the animals on it for so long that I don’t remember who gave it to me.  They should have been easy potholders to make, but I couldn’t work with them till today.

It was because I had all those scraps of fabric on my work table from yesterday and so many of them were just right for the animals.

I’ll work on all of these more next week and have them made into potholders by the end of the week.

I  have a feeling that the next time I get back into my studio I’ll want to work on those potholders turned quilt that I started yesterday.

A few more Little Hope Potholders

4 thoughts on “Air, Land, Sea And A Little Hope

  1. Maria-
    Another familiar fabic. That green flowered print in the potholder on the bottom left is from a valance that I use in my bedroom in the winter time. It makes my heart happy to see my fabric scraps put to such good us.


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