Planting The Dahlia Garden

An iris leaf with an unusual twist

The Iris’ are blooming in the Backporch Garden and the beans are coming up in my vegetable garden.

A bean sprout

After laying down black plastic sheeting to keep the Pokeweed from growing in the barnyard, I prepared the dahlia bed.  That meant potting the two blueberry bushes we planted there last year to give to our neighbors and transplanting the thyme that we grew around it as a groundcover.

Both the bushes and thyme were doing really well.  But I’m not really interested in doing what it takes to cultivate blueberries and I was glad to have the space back for my Dahlias.

Thyme planted between the stone path

There was so much Thyme, I planted some of it between the stones leading up to the back door, some in front of my studio, and some in the garden in front of the house.  There was a bare spot where I had yarrow growing for a few years next to the Bilco doors, but it all died this winter, so I put some there too.

Fate waiting for me outside the basement door when I was getting the dahlias.

I did all that yesterday so today all I had to do was turn the soil and plant the dahlia bulbs.  I keep the dahlia bulbs in paper bags in the root cellar on one of the old shelves.

The dahlia garden

I have a new red and white striped dinner plate Dahlia this year.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like, I’ve never had a Dahlia that big.  I mulched the garden with hay and put up the little wire fence to keep the cats and chickens out.

On top of taking care of his own raised bed gardens, Jon also does all the watering.

Jon watering the wildflower garden. That’s the dahlia garden on the right and Fanny and Lulu watching on the left.

8 thoughts on “Planting The Dahlia Garden

  1. Wonderful idea to plant all your extra thyme on your path. It will smell so good when you walk on it.

  2. Why does that picture of Fate peering down the steps into the basement remind me of Lassie looking for Timmy? “Come quick! Timmy fell down the well! Again!”

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