Jon and Me At Bishop Maginn

Sue took this picture of Jon and me with our Prom corsages in her art room at Bishop Maginn today.  Next Friday we’ll go back to the school and help them set up the gym for the prom. We’ll go to the prom the next day and Zinnia will lead the walk down the Red Carpet.

I don’t have many pictures of Jon and me. But there is something about this one that makes me get teary.    I think it’s because Sue, who we love and trust, was taking the photo and that we were in a place where we feel so comfortable, so at home and so much our true selves.

It’s as if I can see the love that I feel between us.

9 thoughts on “Jon and Me At Bishop Maginn

  1. You both sure reflect your love and growth together in this special moment Sue obviously captured. I’m saving this one. Your presence helps all the students. Have a great time at the prom!

  2. You and Jon bring beauty to this world with your art and actions.
    This photograph captures your beauty and tenderness together, gentle yet powerful.
    It touches my heart.

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