Squares For My Quilt

They all began with a window of black. A winter’s night reflection, a void, or density.  A place to fall into.

I don’t know how I’ll arrange these, or put them together.  I keep making up rules for myself on how they should work, then breaking them.

Maybe there’ll be fabric between some, pieces to fill in the gaps.  Or maybe I’ll trim them to make them  fit.

Whatever I do, it will begin as I do all my patchwork, by finding two pieces that want to be together, then adding the next and the next and the next…

Here are close-ups of a few of the squares…

6 thoughts on “Squares For My Quilt

  1. How beautiful and vibrant!!
    Love the windows and many ways to feel what message they may spark!!

  2. I feel like I am looking through a window in a colorful wall, looking at a snapshot of the world. It feels like photos from travel, something I treasure.

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