Jon, Up And Down

Flo and the statue with Ed Gulley’s Windchime in the background. 

Jon and I sat outside under the apple tree this afternoon. Him in the shade, me in the sun.

His fever was gone for a while although it comes and goes along with chills that shake his whole body. He has all the symptoms of covid except the sore throat and thankfully he’s not having difficulty breathing.

The tests have come back negative, but we both know that doesn’t mean much.  It often takes days for a positive test result.  It may turn out not to be covid, but it sure seems like it is.

He talked to his doctor and we’re doing everything we should be doing.  “Everyone’s getting it,” the nurse said.

I’m grateful this is happening now and not two years ago. Being vaccinated and boosted helps.

We’ll sleep downstairs again tonight, me on the couch and Jon in the chair, to be close to the bathroom.  But Jon already seems to be getting gradually better,  the up more up and the downs less down.

9 thoughts on “Jon, Up And Down

  1. Any chance Jon had a tick bite? I had these exact symptoms recently, also thought it was Covid, turned out it was anaplasmosis. I never heard of it before. The only thing I knew about tick bites was lyme disease but there are other diseases you can get from a tick bite. I didn’t have a rash or any reason to suspect what it really was. A blood test confirms it. I had to take an antibiotic for two weeks. Hope Jon gets well soon!

  2. Beautiful poignant photo.
    You are a healer for Jon he will do fine now he is under your loving care.
    Can’t wait to read about your walk about.
    Stay well and strong. Prayers and positive thoughts for you both.

  3. I am looking forward to more about your trip! So exciting you got to go.

    Regarding Jon’s fever: another possibility that might need to be investigated is Lyme Disease and/or any of the many other tick-borne diseases out there. I had a raging but variable fever to start with when I was infected. After 3 days I got to the hospital where they did many tests (all negative at that point) and finally got the fever down after a couple more days. I didn’t test positive for Lyme til another 2 weeks had passed. Luckily I was on antibiotics and found a Lyme-savvy nurse practitioner.

    Hoping for a rapid recovery for Jon, whatever it is.

  4. Pete and I both got it last weekend.. same thing.. fever off and on, chills, fatigue. We also had a cough.. but it’s better every day.
    Thankfully, vaccinated and boosted!!
    Thinking of you both and hope it’s better every day too!

  5. I’ve just had exactly the same, and I’m here in Cape Town. Jon has my sympathies. It’s a nasty virus, and thankfully I’m also fully vaccinated. Just goes to show , however ‘Baruch Hashem’ (sorry Maria, but Jon will know what I’m saying) it means ‘Thank G-d’ in Hebrew no one who is vaccinated is landing up in hospital.

    Look after yourself Maria, and Jon!

    All the best Diane Sabath.

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