Healing Day

It was another beautiful day at the farm. Just right for sitting outside under the apple tree.  Jon seems to be getting better little by little.  He’s still testing negative for Covid, so who knows,  maybe he just has a bad bug after all.

We’re doing that one day at a time thing that I’m becoming good at since the pandemic began.

Even though he’s feeling better, last night neither of us got much sleep.  We slept downstairs again to be close to the bathroom.  In the morning Jon told me he was dancing with his devils all night.   Fortunately for me,  I just had a hard time getting comfortable.

So this afternoon, I napped outside on the grass under the apple tree while Zinnia rested her head on Jon’s foot and Fate kept a lookout for deer in the neighboring cornfield.

I made a pot of chicken soup for dinner and although I didn’t have the energy earlier to do any gardening, I think I’ll move some firewood into the woodshed this evening.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in my studio finishing up some of the potholders I started last week, getting ones that are sold in the mail and the others up for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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