Taking It Slow. No Covid For Jon

Flo drinking from the birdbath

Jon and I sat on the front porch eating our breakfast.  I decided, from the moment I got up, that I’d take the day slowly. I’d get done what I could and not stress about what I couldn’t.  A strong breeze kept the plants, grasses and leaves in constant motion. The sun was bright and the air cool.

Jon and I sat longer over breakfast than usual. Before that I took my time spreading the manure from the barn and barnyard around the pasture.  Then I chased the sheep and donkeys in, closing the gate behind them.  They’d been out all night grazing, I’d open the gate again in the evening.

At that time we still hadn’t heard if Jon’s covid test was positive.  I was almost certain it was and was loosely planning my week based on that.

We didn’t find out until late in the afternoon that Jon does not have covid. Good new, but then what was going on with him.

Could be Lyme, he’s had it before, or just a virus without a well-known name.  He has a doctor’s appointment early tomorrow morning so hopefully we’ll know more soon.

The good thing is he’s feeling better all the time.

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