“V” For Victory

That’s Jon with his double Victory sign.  We were having lunch at our favorite cafe in Greenwich after a morning of doctor’s appointments.

Those double “V”‘s don’t mean he’s all better, or even that we’re 100% certain about what’s going on inside his body.  But we have a good idea and although there’s still healing that needs to be done, it’s already happening.

I’m not going to write about the detail, you can read about that on Jon’s blog.

And I’m not going to get to do any work today either.

We got home in time to feed the animals and for me to pick up some rice and Tumeric at the Co-op so I could make the stomach-soothing rice broth that our doctor gave us a recipe for.

For those of you who I promised I’d mail out your potholders today, I do all I can to make sure they get in the mail tomorrow.  I’ll also put my Air, Land, Sea Potholders up for sale tomorrow.

Jon said he’d stay out of trouble long enough for me to go to my Bellydancing class tonight.  He knows how important the class is for me. Especially when we’ve had a week like this past one.

Because even if we don’t always do it,  we all know that caretakers have to take care of themselves too.

4 thoughts on ““V” For Victory

  1. Am very sorry to hear about Jon’s suffering. Interesting that Amy thinks it is likely from a bug.

    I wonder if you could teach the seniors at the Manion to make cloth products like you do and sell them for a little extra money as well as doing beautiful art. What made me think of it was some old friends daughter came for the summer and brought me one of these things they have in France but I never have seen in the US. It’s a unique handtowel, made [ahem here’s the instructions] of terrycloth, round about 3.5 feet, with a loop in the middle to hang on a nail or something in the bathroom. The edge has a trim sewn around it. The tag says Villages de Provence and there are several styles under the handtowel menu category.

    We just read a great book by Dr. Gawande called *Being Mortal* about nursing homes and giving the residents something meaningful to do with their time.

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