Buds New Temporary Fence

(I just realized I never posted this video when the tree feel yesterday.  So here it is now…)

When the tree behind my studio fell on the fence between the dog run and the barnyard, I had to put up a temporary fence to keep Bud from getting into the barnyard.

The sheep and donkeys can’t get around the tree to get into the dog run, but I’m certain that if Bud saw a chipmunk or squirrel he’d find his way through the tree into the barnyard and he could easily run off into the woods from there.

I used some leftover turkey wire and posts I saved from one of the tangled mesh fences I took down in the back pasture earlier in the spring.  I cut the mesh off the posts and thought they might come in handy for my garden.

Turns out they’re perfect for this little fence.

There’s a groove in the top of the post that I was able to slide the turkey wire in to hold it up and a piece of plastic on the bottom of the post to hold the bottom of the turkey wire down so Bud can’t go under it.

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