The Farm and Us

Asher, Fanny and Lulu under the fallen apple branch

We’ve been so lucky with the way the branches have fallen from the trees this past week.

The only other tree that fell was a pine when we first moved into the house.  That fell right on top of one of the fence posts and stayed there till we had it removed.  It didn’t do any damage, it only pushed the post into the ground a few more inches.

Today I had the odd feeling of the farm as a living entity.  As if it were a presence, aware of us and doing its part to help keep the farm safe and thriving. As if we were in this together.

Perhaps it’s because of the perfect arch of the fallen tree just inches over the top of the fence.  Not only does it seem intentional but there’s beauty in that curve and balance.

2 thoughts on “The Farm and Us

  1. It’s an organic whole, a full cycle of life, isn’t it? The farm feeds the animals, the animals feed the farm, you and Jon serve as shepherds and guardians and gardeners. The very definition of holistic: comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

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