We’re Going To The Bishop Maginn Prom

Jon taking pictures of the sheep eating the leaves from the fallen apple tree with shadow me and the donkeys

This morning Jon and I decided that we wouldn’t be going to the Prom at Bishop Maginn tomorrow.

But tonight Sue texted us a video of the gym all set up for prom and the red carpet entrance into the school. Then she sent Jon a sweet message that none of it would have happened without him and the Army of Good.

That was enough to make Jon decide that he wanted to go.  It may not be the most restful way for Jon to heal, but  I have a feeling it will be good for Jon and me in another way.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to help set up for the prom, but I’m glad we’ll be going tomorrow, even if it’s for just a little while.

4 thoughts on “We’re Going To The Bishop Maginn Prom

  1. Ok , you realize you have two donkey ears on you in the shadow! One from Fanny and one from lulu! Besides making me smile; I think a symbol of how truly connected is your relationship. So happy you zinnia and Jon going to the prom!

  2. Yes, I believe it will be wonderful for everyone’s spirits if you go and will exemplify the same resiliency the children have been displaying. A temporary wheelchair (throne?) could be employed to lessen Jon’s exertion, and even if you were to leave early, the memories will be forever uplifting. btw – love how your shadow looks with elf-like donkey ears!

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