8 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Garden Tour June 2022

  1. Everything is so lovely Maria; you must just love going outside in the morning. Because it is so hot down here things are starting to burn out already. My Dahlias are doing well, and I love them. You must get lots of inspiration for your art. Also, a belated Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thanks Uta, I’m glad at least your dahlia’s are holding up. It’s a short season there if it’s so hot already. I gave some dahlia bulbs to a couple of people at our Co-op. They were so happy to get them. Maybe I’ll become a dahlia bulb “Johnny apple seed”

      1. Your plants and Quilts are going all over the world, you should be very proud. Everyone enjoys getting plants, as a memory from a friend. lol

  2. Good morning! The plants in the shade garden look like Solomon’s Seal. The flowers they produce look like small white tear drops.

  3. Thanks for the lovely garden tour, great way to start my day. Love the ‘wind chime’ in the shade garden.

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