The Last Prom At Bishop Maginn

Dah Blue and Zinnia

Even though Jon was worn out from the trip to Albany yesterday we were both glad that we went to the prom.

I’m never comfortable at big gatherings and ceremonies and marveled at how comfortable the kids were being there.   They were excited to be dressed up, posing for pictures, eating cookies dipped in chocolate fondue, and drinking sweet colorful drinks.

Hser Nay taking a picture of her friend posing with Zinnia

I have learned that it’s important just to show up and it was important for Jon to be there. Because in a way it’s an ending.   He’s done so much with the help of all of you who are a part of the Army of Good to make not only the prom happen, but so many other things that kept Bishop Maginn functioning before, through, and after the shutdowns.

Jon and Sue in the gym before the prom began.

There was some sadness to the prom since Bishop Maginn is closing and the prom is the last time all the students will be in the school together.

But the prom had a joyous feeling too.   Many alumni showed up, both students and teachers, some with their children.  It was sweet to see how much the school meant to them. And since Sue and many of the students will be transferring to Bishop Gibbons next year there was also the feeling of new beginnings.

I loved seeing some of the students from my sewing classes.  For the first time, I saw Jayla without a mask on.  Some of the other girls convinced her to pose in a photo with them even though she said she wasn’t dressed for it.

Jayla and her friends

When Jon and I left, more and more students were showing up and Sue was still running around making sure things were running smoothly.

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