More Than Food

The sheep and donkeys in the back pasture this evening.

Jon and I slurped on tomato soup I made last week and defrosted this evening, while the donkeys brayed and brayed.  It was unusual for them to be calling to us at that time of day.  “What do they want,” Jon asked.

I’d left the pasture gate open this morning so I didn’t have to open the gate to the pasture for them this afternoon.  I got caught up in my work and knowing the gate was open and their water bucket full, I didn’t get to the barnyard when I fed the cats and dogs.

“Maybe they don’t know the gate is open,” I said, “or maybe it’s that I didn’t see them as I usually do.”

So after dinner, I went out to the barnyard. When the sheep and donkeys saw me, they gathered around me, then followed me through the open gate into the back pasture. They went at the grass as if they were staving.

It surprised me.

They didn’t need me to take them to the grass,  but they seemed to want me to.  Like it meant something to them for me to be there.  They didn’t just want to eat they wanted me to pay attention to them too.

That made me feel needed. And it felt nice.

6 thoughts on “More Than Food

  1. That is so beautiful, Maria. It reminds me of the time my horse Reanna left her hay to come over to me. She wanted my attention more than her dinner. I still remember how special it was. When animals take you in as one of their own, that is special, indeed:)

  2. Your sheep and donkeys know their Shepard. You are all things safe, predictable and reliable for them! You have a beautiful bond with your flock 🙂

  3. Donkeys and Sheep – Maria, I wish i could kiss the donkeys and sheep. And smell their soft fur.

    Those pix of Wellfleet MASS are just great.

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