Coming Home To Donkeys

We got home from Jon’s doctor’s appointments, which went well, around feeding time.   It’s always good to come home to our animals.  The donkeys are especially calming and healing.  It’s just their way.

After driving around and sitting in waiting rooms and a  lunch of tofu and broccoli, I was ready to move around a bit.

It was a beautiful evening and as much as I hoped to get to my studio, I knew my head and body were not in a good place for it. So I clipped the remaining branches that still had leaves on them from the apple tree for the sheep and donkeys to eat.  When all the branches were down, I stacked some firewood.

Now I’m tired from a day of not doing much and an evening of moving wood.  There’s something satisfying about it all.

This little plant was growing in the woodshed. I think it’s a sunflower, so I dug it up and put in front of my studio.


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