Lulu Dreaming

In all the years I’ve known Fanny and Lulu, I’ve never seen Lulu in such a deep sleep before.  I know it happens, I’ve just never seen it.

Fanny who is laying right next to her was twitching and flicking flies with her tail, keeping an eye out while Lulu slept soundly.

When I first moved upstate from the suburbs of Long Island, I believed that horses (I never even thought about donkeys back then) only slept standing up and that if they laid down that meant they were dead.

I can remember seeing horses laying down in fields as I drove through the countryside, and at some point realizing that the horses I saw laying down couldn’t all be dead.  Soon after that, I learned that horses and donkeys can rest standing up, but have to lay down to get into a deep enough sleep to dream.

And like humans, equines need to dream in order to stay mentally healthy.

Makes me wonder what Lulu was dreaming about this afternoon as she snoozed in the barnyard.

4 thoughts on “Lulu Dreaming

  1. But just like the donkeys, if a horse is lying down sleeping, others in the herd are on their feet (hooves), keeping watch. It’s really sweet to see.

  2. Maria, Lulu was dreaming that you and Jon set up a SUMMER Donkey Kissing Booth to raise $ for oat cakes ($.50 cents a kiss) and sheep too.

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