Lettuce Greens For The Sheep And Donkeys

Jon taking Liam’s picture while Fanny chew on lettuce greens

I was on my way of of the Co-op, the weekly laundry that it is our job to wash, slung over my shoulder, when Stephanie asked me if we had animals that would eat some wilting lettuce greens.

There were four bags of greens that Stephanie was just about to put in the “spoiled bin”.  That’s food that  can no longer be sold, but some people can find creative uses for.  I’ve taken stale bread home of for the donkeys more than once.

When we got home we dumped the greens in the barnyard for the animals to enjoy.  It didn’t last long.

Fanny enjoying an ear rub after having her fill of lettuce.  The donkey’s bottom lips quiver when they’re as happy as Fanny was in this photo.


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