Some Night On My Potholder Square Quilt

I took this self-portrait while I was working in my studio tonight. I just can’t resist those reflections. This one is pretty straightforward forward and I was careful to get my sewing machine in it.

But that’s just something I did while working on my quilt.  I had this idea to add a strip of fabric to the top of the quilt that was similar to, but not the same as the squares in the quilt.

I sewed most of the strip but then when I put it on top of the quilt, I didn’t like the way it looked. It was too busy, it didn’t look like it belonged.

The strip of fabric I made for the top of the quilt.

But I did like that one section of the strip of fabric in the corner… It’s late and I’m still playing with it, but I think this, or something like it can work….

4 thoughts on “Some Night On My Potholder Square Quilt

  1. I like the way it balances the right bottom corner in the photo.
    Seeing your process is always a treat. Like peeking in through the window – and there you are inside the window!!!

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