Making “Nourishing Tears Magnets”

The image for my Nourishing Tears Magnet

I just ordered my Nourishing Tears Magnets.  I should have them to sell by next Tuesday.

I’m still working on getting cards made with this image.  The border around those will be a little different.  I’m also making Mother Mary Postcards.  I’m not sure when I’ll have those, but I’ll let you know when I do.

2 thoughts on “Making “Nourishing Tears Magnets”

  1. Maria;
    I’m reading this on Friday evening, so perhaps out of context.
    But, I hope that all of our tears over lost rights will grow and nourish women, grow our votes and our power, and grow an environment and a government where we are ALL counted and treasured.

    I’ll be getting the cards and sending them to my government representatives with this message.

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