Another “Bans Off Our Bodies” Protest

When I got home from my Walk-About with Jackie, I got a text message from Planned Parenthood that there was going to be a protest against the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade on the four corners in Bennington Vermont.

I had just enough time to feed the animals and put up a quick blog post before it began.  Jon came with me.  I was encouraged to see a lot of young people there.

An older woman, stooped and having a hard time walking, held up a wire hanger with the word “NO” written on the paper part in marker.  It looked like something she had used to protest with over fifty years ago.

There was a lot of energy and this time I had no trouble joining in the chants.  A woman and her dog were standing next to me and every time people beeped their horns in support the dog howled.  I started howling with him.

I was surprised when my friend Emily showed up.  She was on her way out for the evening, saw the protest going on, and picked up a sign to join in.

Does it do any good we wondered? Standing on a corner holding up signs.

I don’t know. I hope it helps get people motivated or at least thinking.   I do know I needed to do something and I was glad to have a protest close by where I could express my beliefs and people would hear them.

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