Asher Again

Asher grazing in the marsh

Asher is back to his old self.  For two days after the Solstice Fire, he was out of sorts.

He stayed alone in the barn when the other sheep were out grazing, he walked away from me instead of trying to get as close as he possibly could as he usually does.  He wouldn’t even take a treat from me.

It may not have been the fire that was bothering him.  It could have been something he ate in the pasture, something that didn’t agree with him.  There are lots of plants shooting up all over the farm.

Whatever it was, he’s better now, trying to rub his head on my leg (which I don’t let him do, it feels like he’s trying to mark or butt me and I don’t want to encourage either) and begging for treats.

This afternoon he was in the tall grasses of the dry marsh, munching away.  Which makes me think it probably was something he ate.  I hope he at least learned what not to eat.

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