From Potholder Squares To Firefly Quilt


The name came to me as I was sewing the backing together yesterday.  I always saw the fabric as fireflies, although when I looked at it closely they were obviously birds.

Still, to me, at that moment it made sense that they were fireflies and they would be on the back of the quilt. Even if only a small piece.

I see them at night now when I close up the chickens.  My eye moves across the night as one firefly lights up, blinks off then another and another does the same. Like a fallen meteor shower, they flicker without streaks.

It’s the same thing my eye does when I look at my quilt made of potholder squares.

t jumps from one square to another.  My focus blurs if I try to look at them all at once.  So I look at just one, but then out of the corner of my eye, my attention is pulled to another.

Too big for even the barn, this is the flattest picture I could get of my Firefly quilt. Before I put it in a box and send it off to Wendy, I’ll lay it on the guest bed and go over it with a lint brush, trim any loose threads and take a picture.

There it will finally drape the ways it’s meant to.

The “firefly” fabric

4 thoughts on “From Potholder Squares To Firefly Quilt

  1. I have used that fabric before in quilts and love it! Did you know it comes in different colors?

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