Peaceful Morning In The Barn

Asher, Robin and Suzy with Lulu up front and Kim in the back

The animals must have recently come in from grazing when I went out to the barn this morning.  Instead of standing at the gate, baaing for food, they were all in the polebarn, peacefully chewing their cud.

I was ready to rush through my morning chores when I decided instead to stop and be with them a while.  I can still get that feeling of being content when I think of it.

I did take this video to share with you so you might feel peaceful for a little while too.

13 thoughts on “Peaceful Morning In The Barn

    1. Sandy, they regenerate their food and chew it again. you can sometimes see them burping it up. It’s part of their digestive process.

  1. Wow, Maria, what an amazing experience! You certainly calmed me down. I’ve been struggling with disbelief, anger, sadness and depression since Friday when a life changing experience was thrust upon me and my sister. I will, at the very least, have the energy to do some research and lay some ground work tomorrow so I am able to work toward a solution to this difficult issue. Thank you! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry for your trouble Fran. I hope you can resolve it as quickly and with the least amount of pain as possible. I’m glad I was able to send a little peace to you.

  2. I remember , years and years ago, reading of how a big chunk of animal salt lick won a Placement in a sculpture exhibit. This was laughed at but the accompanying photograph was quite beautiful, with curves in light and shadow.

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