Art Class At The Mansion

The “new” activities room At The Mansion

There activities room has been redone at The Mansion.  Paryese and Bonnie the new activities directors have been working on it, rearranging and repainting it themselves. Jon and the Army of Good are helping out to get some of the things (like a big clock with waves on it and a CD player) they need to finish it off.

I especially love the big round table we now have to do our art class at.

There was lots of space so we could all sit together and enough room on the table to do our work.  We made cards today. A simple kind of zentangle.  We started with a circle and worked from there.

I encourage everyone not to worry about making mistakes, because there are no mistakes in what we were doing.  No straight lines, or perfect circles.

We did the drawings on card stock and everyone got an envelope for their card.

Ellen’s drawing

Ellen caught on after a while when she said her triangles needed to be colored in. I love the simplicity, use of the space, and her choice of colors.

Peg’s drawing

Peg quietly worked on her drawing.  I told the class that any line is a good line if you create it with confidence.  I see that confidence in Peg’s work.

Nancy’s drawing

Nancy has difficulty holding a marker.  But she still made a wonderful free-flowing drawing with a good abstract composition, shapes, lines, and colors.

Claudia’s drawing

Claudia chose to use one color.  I love how direct and bold her drawing is.  Unlike most of the other pieces, it has the feeling of being an object, something concrete. I keep looking at it trying to figure out what it reminds me of.  A few things come to mind, but it remains elusive to me.

Jennifer’s drawing

Jennifer’s drawing has an ease about it. It’s playful with a lot of movement.  There is something joyful about it. I find it inspiring.

Lori’s drawing

I find Lori’s drawing intriguing.  I look at it wondering how she made her decisions.  That one black square, and the choice of red and how it’s used.  That floating circle and loose “ribbon” make me think there is something going on I should understand but don’t.

Ruth’s Drawing

Ruth showed up late, but was still able to catch up with everyone else. I see something of a quilt in her work and a modified tic tack toe board.  She was going to give her card to Peggy who didn’t come to the class.

Next class, we’re going to work with clay.  Everyone liked the idea of making coil pots, so that’s what we’ll do.

8 thoughts on “Art Class At The Mansion

  1. I learn about art and expression in this most recent post. How freeing it must be in your art classes. Wish I could be there.

  2. You’re such a positive person, Maria, and so encouraging! We could ALL benefit from an art class with you. Being a perfectionist and introvert, I would be too inhibited to put marker to paper. And at 71, it’s too late for me to try.

    I can’t wait to see the coil pot process and results!

    1. No Hazel, it’s not too late. Really it can be so relaxing when you get into it. And you get to make something beautiful. I showed each person the photo of their piece on my iPhone and they were able to see it differently. Like looking at it as if it were framed. Just that amount of separation allowed them to see their pieces as they hadn’t before.

  3. I love this and may I tell you what I think when looking at the art?
    Ellen -A racetrack with banners flying at the side.
    Peg – Boxed window fan blowing out cool air
    Nancy – A water tower that has a leak and is pouring out cold water.
    Claudia – The basket of a hot air balloon (at the top)
    Jennifer – Speakers at the fair broadcasting what is happening
    Lori – A tough one for me but I think people (the x’s) watching a sumo wrestling match
    Ruth – A roller coaster with people waiting to get on
    Hope I don’t offend anyone with what I see. I think they are all delightful. Thank you Maria for doing this.

    1. I love that Patsy. It’s one of the beauties of art that you can see all of that in these drawings. I’m going to take your comments back to the class and see what the others think of what you’ve said. Thank you!

  4. I would love to be in one of your art classes! No rules about staying in the lines or using specific color combinations! Growing up I hated coloring books, they felt too confining so I was labeled rebellious by my 2 nd grade teacher because I wouldn’t just color as I was told to do. However I loved to doodle with a pencil and when I was 15 a teacher noticed my doodles and made a positive comment about them. I’ve been sketching ever since, sometimes adding color. I’m so happy for the residents in your class, they get to take an idea and make it their own! They can ask for guidance or just run with their artistic thoughts. Thank you for giving them the opportunity and freedom to create art that is beautiful and relevant to them! You are a rare find, an artist and a true teacher! Blessings to you Maria!

    1. And I’m so glad you had that one teacher who gave you the permission you needed to keep drawing Josie! I bet you pass that on to your grandchildren. I can just imagine it. 🙂

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